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Madhu’s Swar Sketches

SwarSketches is a unique series, where the kids get to see/hear music in a way they can relate to

Sharanya. S
Coimbatore, India

Description: Unique introduction to Hindustani music
Open for Kids 2.5 to 7 years

Little Khayal Series

Thanks a million Smt.Madhumita from ShrotaHouse for giving this precious opportunity to Jagannath to converse with Vidwan Sriman Sikkil Gurucharan ji

Brundavani Srimat
Arizona, USA

Description: Opportunity for music students to interact with musicians
Open for Kids 5 to 13 years

ShrotaHouse Specials

“The session was an absolute delight!!”

Mythreyi. S
Bangalore, India

Description: Special musical sessions by various artists
Open for Kids 3 to 10 years (unique to each session)

Coloring & Activity Book!!!

It is really a very good initiative! The book is very interesting with small but important one liner information!

Vid. Manjiri Asanare-Kelkar
World renowned musician/vocalist who sings Hindustani Sangeet

Description: Indian Classical Instruments themed coloring and activity book for kids
Open for Kids 3+ years

Event Archives

ShrotaHouse Specials ‘Land of Shankarabharanam’ by Smt. Vanitha Suresh

ShrotaHouse Specials ‘Phulwari Geeton Ki’ by Dr. Radhika Joshi

ShrotaHouse Specials ‘Fun with Tongue Twisters’ by Smt. Jai Sovani

ShrotaHouse Specials ‘Laya Parichayam’ by Dr. Sweta Ravisankar

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