Express with Abolee!

Host: Abolee Gatne

Disciple of Vid. Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar

“Magic of Praharas”

This listening group shall focus on
exploration of music around ‘praharas

Listening Group Details

Genre: Hindustani Sangeet
Group Type: Janaka Silver – Adults (18+)
Audience: India
Session Language: Hindi
Pass Validity: 4 months
Slot: Every Friday, 7-8PM IST

Starts soon!


Namaskar, I’m Abolee Gatne, an engineer and a student of Indian classical music. I always love to work collaboratively with music and technology. I have completed my masters in mathematical modelling & simulation.

My main areas of professional interests include audio processing and sound engineering. I have been learning classical music since childhood.

Apart from this, I also love to work on Sanskrit language based projects. I have composed, arranged songs and themes for Sanskrit theatre, works done previously by some authors in Sanskrit, chants, and themes. My hobbies include reading, bike riding and astrology!

Meet me at Concert Express!

It was a very calming and peaceful experience

Arushi Bhorkar

“You guys are doing best.. after listing to it, I felt very very refreshing

Jayashree Kabra

Amazing!!! Keep going ShrotaHouse!

Krutika Ganesh Mahashabde

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