Holi 2021 With Bajo

“One Little Book. One Wave of Inspiration”

For Holi 2021, ShrotaHouse launched its first initiative to reach the hearts of children!

Just one little book has been a window to so many children to musical discoveries!

Thank you for participating with great enthusiasm and love! Below collection from this initiative has successfully been forwarded to PM CARES FUND!

We would like to congratulate the following contributors to this initiative:
-Mr. Ravi Balgi, Maharashtra India
-Mrs. Lakshmi Sentebennur, Karnataka India
-Mrs. Snehal Shimpi, Maharashtra India
-Ms. Ankita Pegu, Karnataka India
-Mrs. Aditi Madan, Delhi NCR India
-Mrs. Prerana Yadav, Maharashtra India
-Mr. Rahul Singh, Maharashtra India
-Mrs. Manju Menon, Karnataka India
-Ms. Sriranjani Vasudevan, Tamilnadu India
-Mr. Amith Aragula, Karnataka India

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