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Parents in India, get ready for a fun-filled workshop curated just for your little ones!

“Everything around us has a rhythm. This workshop will introduce the basics of rhythm and will help in identifying the base rhythm in any song. The two days will also cover concept of creating and reciting simple rhythmic patterns typically used in south Indian classical percussion or dance.


About the artist: A Bharatanatyam performing artist, teacher, and choreographer, Sweta Ravisankar began her journey in this art form nearly three decades ago. She holds a Masters in Bharatanatyam, MFA, and is the artistic director of Sarada Kala Nilayam, where she teaches Bharathanatyam and Nattuvangam to students. She performs extensively throughout the US and India as a solo artist and freelance dancer performing with other dance companies. Sweta trains under gurus Smt. Padmini Radhakrishnan and Smt. Roja Kannan for dance and Sr. S. Ravisankar for layam. In addition to dance, Sweta has completed her Ph.D. and works as a research scientist in the reproductive biology field.

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