Absolutely 150% recommend ShrotaHouse!

Hi! My daughter, Maya, is 3 yrs old. She doesn’t watch screens at all ( 30 mins in a week). And I’m always looking for unique ways to engage her and create learning experiences where it doesn’t feel like anything is being taught. She did her first session with Madhu this Sunday and it wasContinue reading “Absolutely 150% recommend ShrotaHouse!”

Each session increases the light in our sons eyes

“One Bite At A Time” As the saying goes, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. With every interactive session Madhumita knows not only how to make kids bite at a time but each session increases the light in our sons eyes and a sparkle for the music lights up. ThankContinue reading “Each session increases the light in our sons eyes”

So happy!

We are so happy to be part of ShrotaHouse! Madhumita Bhaskar makes sure that kids as young as 3 years old would fall in love with Indian classical music by teaching music with amazing sketches and stories! Check out shortahouse.com for more details! I’m sure you will not be disappointed!

Treat for parents and children!

Madhumita has a wonderful way with kids and her creative storytelling keeps them involved throughout the session. She draws images out of the children’s imagination and immediately brings them to life on the screen with her admirable sketching skills. And she seamlessly connects these with musical notes, making the children understand music through fun-filled interaction.Continue reading “Treat for parents and children!”

Fun-filled sessions!

My son had a fun-filled session today, thank you so much for your patience and energy!! It taks a lot to engage such young children and Madhu surely knows how to ace it. Thanks again. Looking forward to the next session soon! Happy Parent.

Out of the box

Madhu is very creative and engages the kids extremely well, introducing a new concept to elevate the pitch was really out of box thinking, my 5 year old daughter enjoyed it and definitely wants to attend more. Very modern and interesting approach to learn basics 👍

Very creative and innovative

Madhumita is wonderful with kids and has a very creative and innovative way of teaching music. The sessions are so engaging and my child just loves them (and I loved them just as much). Looking forward to attending more such sessions. Keep up the great work! 

Winning kids hearts

SwarSketches is a unique series, where the kids get to see/hear music in a way they can relate to, and slowly step into recognizing the notes. My daughter stepped foot into this and absolutely enjoyed the session. She was able to relate to the concept! Miles to go, but this first step is encouraging andContinue reading “Winning kids hearts”

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