This turned out to be an excellent decision for him (and for us)!

With our four-year-old showing a keen interest in music since his early years, we were looking for an activity in Bangalore to not only keep him engaged over the summer but also develop his fledgling interest in music. We came across ShrotaHouse, and following a brief conversation with Madhumita, its founder, decided to enroll him into their introductory summer camp this year. This turned out to be an excellent decision for him (and for us) as the camp introduced him to the basics of Indian classical music – svaras, raag and taal – in creative, innovative, and interesting ways, even whilst remaining simple and accessible enough to keep an active four-year-old engaged. Our child remained enthused throughout the four-week period of the camp and looked forward to going back each day to “Madhu Ma’am’s” class throughout, even when we were on holiday in between. We were impressed with ShrotaHouse’s approach that focused on instilling concepts and ideas without underestimating a child’s intelligence. We felt that it was a far more effective and sustainable approach to engendering interest in classical music rather than focus on singing or structure alone. We would like to thank Madhu (and the entire ShrotaHouse term) for their lovely introduction to the world of classical music, and, as the camp has left him wanting for more, hope to continue our association with ShrotaHouse in some form in the future.

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