The StoryShip Series

Join us for the exciting 7-day workshop story telling series specially designed for preschoolers, where they get to learn about interesting elements of Hindustani classical music! Doesn’t that sound exciting?


Workshop Details for Aug 2021:

USA Batch:


India Batch:

Dates: Mon, 23rd Aug to Sun, 29th Aug
Time: 5PM IST

About the artist: Madhumita Bhaskar is a multi-faceted artist and a Hindustani classical singer, performer and practitioner, and is currently a senior disciple of Prof. Milind Malshe of Mumbai, an exponent of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana of Hindustani khayal music. She has been undergoing training in the guru-shishya parampara of Indian tradition since 1999. Her unique voice, musical understanding and love for exploring complex music compositions sets her apart. As a child artist, she has sung for the popular children’s audio book series Karadi Tales and a children’s Hindi film Jajantaram Mamantaram released in 2003. She has won in many international music competitions and participated in lecture demonstrations on Hindustani music. She also owns and manages her YouTube channel by the name msilentmusic where she informally publishes her musical works. She attributes lot of her interest in Indian classical music to her music loving family and her guru Prof. Malshe’s weekly house concerts. She is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, self taught digital artist, illustrator and water color painter and she also writes poetry. After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Telecommunication engineering in Mumbai, she worked as a senior software engineer & project manager in India & USA. She then chose to quit her cushy corporate career to focus on her artistic interests and spreading the love for arts and especially for Indian classical music, among children.

What Parents Are Saying

“Awesome session and my daughter loved it.. She is very happy.. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and interactive session. The content was also super.”

Bangalore, India

“What an enjoyable hour with Madhumita Bhaskar! My kid was lost in the story and she was beautifully brought to the basic elements of music. Innovative ways of introducing music to young ones! Way to go ShrotaHouse They all sang and screamed together. Absolute fun! I enjoyed it listening to it too.”

Sharanya S
Coimbotore, India

“My 5 yo absolutely enjoyed the session. What a unique way to not only introduce music to kids but also teach them to appreciate and enjoy it!! Madhumita made it so interactive that the kids (and the parents too!!) were engaged right from the beginning. If you are looking for innovative avenues to pique your child’s musical curiosity, look no further. I highly recommend the products and offerings from Shrota House. A big shoutout to its founder, Madhumita for this initiative.”

Varsha S
Bangalore, India

“A big applause and thank you ShrotaHouse for such a wonderful session. It was fun filled evening for kids. They learned basics about music by listening to story. They enjoyed and learned..”

Ritu S
Shimla, India

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