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Founded in Nov 2020, we are the first of its kind venture in the world, that works on early music exposure amongst children and Indian classical music literacy for all. We explore Indian classical music for and with children, starting very young, in the process tapping the right talents.

We build an enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience base for Indian classical music, as we believe audiences are an important part of our performing arts ecosystem. We also focus on personal development through music, at an individual level.

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We are a team of passionate, motivated individuals comprising of musicians, artists, educators and students, committed to taking every child and every one of you to the beautiful world of Indian classical music.

Madhumita Bhaskar

Madhumita is a multi-faceted artist and a Hindustani classical music student, singer, performer, composer and is currently a senior disciple of Prof. Milind Malshe of Mumbai, an exponent of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana of Hindustani khayal music. She has been undergoing training in the guru-shishya parampara of Indian tradition since 1999 and has imbibed core elements of Jaipur gayaki in her singing. As a child artist she has sung for the popular children’s audio book series Karadi Tales and a children’s Hindi film Jajantaram Mamantaram released in 2003. She has won hearts of audiences in India and USA with her voice. She has worked as a senior software engineer & project manager in India & USA and has now quit her corporate career to focus on arts. As an entrepreneur and founder of ShrotaHouse, she is affiliated to NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. She owns and manages her YouTube channel by the name msilentmusic where she publishes her music compositions, song covers and musical experiments. She is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and an active painter and poet, with many works in her collection.

Dr. Karthik Ramachandra

Karthik is a scientist and plays the Tabla. He started learning Tabla at the age of 7 from Pandit N S GundaShastry in Bangalore, India. He has received advanced training from the illustrious Pandit Nayan Ghosh since 2009 at Mumbai. He has given various performances both as an accompanying artist as well as a solo artist over the years, and has performed classical, semi classical and devotional styles of Indian music in India and abroad. Karthik is also well versed in devotional songs of India and Vedic chanting. Karthik holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from IIT Bombay, and is currently a Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft.

Vanitha Suresh

Vanitha is a Carnatic Vocalist and Arts educator and a disciple of Sangeet Samrat Chitravina N Ravikiran.  She commenced her musical journey at age nine on Veena under Shri G Rengarajan & R Srinivasan and has also trained under Shri Srirangam Kannan, Smt Akila Siva, Shri T N Bala, Shri Lalgudi G J R Krishnan & Smt Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi, Smt Sankari Krishnan and Acharya Ratnakara Shri Chitravina Narasimhan. She has presented a number of concerts in cities in the US such as New York, Dallas, Chicago, San Jose, Chennai, Bangalore for various organizations. She regularly sings and sets music for Indian Classical dance and presents musical discourses. A Master Artiste with the WI Arts Board, she is the founder of Arohana Arts Academy (an affiliate of IFCM) and has not only mentored a number of artists across the USA but also directed a number of large ensemble shows in major festivals.

Reshma Binu

Reshma is a self-driven and enthusiastic individual who is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree from Kristu Jayanti College in Bangalore. Being born and brought up in the UAE, classical music and dance have always been a gateway for her to connect with her culture and heritage. Her prime interests lie in the field of events and marketing. However, she is an art fanatic and loves to learn and explore different forms of art.

Chitra Devaraj

Being a sociable person, Chitra enjoys the art of forming human connections. Networking, building communities, mentoring, improving processes, creating content, building capacity and being creative while doing so is what she loves doing the most, professionally. As a development sector professional of 7 years, she believes that systemic change is important in our country, and quality education for all  the most important tool towards achieving this goal.  Chitra also possesses an innate love for music and believes that music can heal the world, removing barriers and creating a sense of oneness. This led her to volunteer for Sofar Sounds, a Global Music Community. Here she managed several gigs and helped build a music community in Bangalore. 

Abolee Gatne

Engineer and a classical music student always aiming to work in collaboration with music and technology. Recently completed masters in modeling & simulation with main areas of interest in audio processing and CFD. Learning classical music since childhood and currently getting trained under Smt. Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar. Also received training in the field of sound engineering for a couple of months. Works as a music director for Natyahotra, which promotes Sanskrit theatre. Composed, arranged, and sung a couple of songs as well as arranged music for several Sanskrit projects. 

Helsa Ann George

Helsa is a creative enthusiast driven towards Art and Music. She is pursuing her Bacherlors in Psychology. Her peaceful getaway is a cup of coffee, jamming to music and playing Guitar. She is passionate about being around children and believes that they can be inspiring agents for all. 

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