• In conversation at the Learn and Unlearn podcast series | Mar 2021

  • We turned 6 months in May 2021! A glimpse of our journey towards this first milestone

  • In May 2021, ShrotaHouse was chosen as 1 of the top 100 ventures from over 11,000 ventures across India who competed to get incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore to win grant support! Thank you Kotak Mahindra.

August 2021
  • In Aug 2021, ShrotaHouse was accepted into the Technoserve Accelerator Program by Technoserve India!
  • In October 2021, ShrotaHouse was chosen among top 50 ventures from over 11,000 ventures across India on successful completion of incubation at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore!
October 2021
  • In Nov 2021, ShrotaHouse celebrates its first birthday with a lot of positive energy!
  • ShrotaHouse is recognized by Startup India!
  • In Sep 2022, Madhumita Bhaskar is interviewed in the podcast ‘Seedhi Baat’
  • In Oct 2022, ShrotaHouse gets selected among Top 18 startups, into Accelerator Program by The GAIN partnered by K-Tech, Startup Karnataka and Government of Karnataka
  • In Nov 2022, we turn 2! To celebrate this amazing milestone, we launched Musical Book Tours across the city of Bengaluru for the young families of namma Bengaluru, with our very own new kids book!
  • In March 2023, ShrotaHouse was chosen among best startups in The GAIN accelerator program supported by Startup Karnataka and K-Tech under the Startup India mission. READ MORE
ShrotaHouse Musical Book Tour featured in Deccan Herald on 31Mar2023

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