Make an Impact!

Welcome Shrota! Join our unique mission to bring the wonderful Indian classical music to children in every home! How would you like to contribute in your own beautiful way? Choose from below options and simply reach out!

Open to any individual!

Become a volunteer where you get to work with children and parents, organize events and more!

Open to students &
working professionals!

Become an intern and experience working with our dynamic team and on unique projects!

Open to individuals who love working with kids!

Become a part of our fantastic educator team and get to work with children like never before!

Open to Indian classical musicians & other artists!

Collaborate with us and share your musical and artistic expertise with our children and the world!

Open to individuals & organizations!

Become the enablers of our unique projects and events and get featured by us!

Open to individuals, corporates & organizations!

Become our partners in taking our ideas to more and more people across the globe!

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