Kids Activity Book!

Title: Color and Learn with Little Bajo
Musical Instruments played in India

Published internationally in 2022, ShrotaHouse brings to you a unique musical gift for children – An activity book for kids around few musical instruments played in India.

*Age: 3+
*35+ illustrated Instruments
*Bite sized information
*Color / Zentangle
*Listen & Learn
*Ideal for theme parties

This book is a perfect gift for children and loved ones. A must have at every home & school!

“Nowadays children are spending too much time on their mobiles, tabs, laptops and TVs, and too little in the real world. Therefore anything that can help reduce kids’ screen time is to be welcomed. ShrotaHouse is a laudable effort in that direction. It gives children an activity that is informative and engaging. The ShrotaHouse colouring and interactive book is an interesting way of introducing young children to Indian classical music, musical instruments and masters whose names are synonymous with these instruments. The audio samples with QR code make it all the more experiential. This is sure to kindle in children the interest in our heritage and classical art forms and motivate them to explore further. My hearty congratulations to Madhumita Bhaskar for this very creative initiative.”

-Vid. Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi, internationally acclaimed Carnatic violinist

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One book.
One musical inspiration.

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“It is really a very good initiative! The book is very interesting with small but important one liner information. The little icons make it very easy for the kids to pick up the key words like Hindustani/ Carnatic etc. Above all, the sketch of each and every instrument is beautiful. I am sure the kids will love to colour them. Best wishes to Madhumita Bhaskar and ShrotaHouse for the beautiful coloring book!”

-Vid. Manjiri Asanare-Kelkar, Internationally acclaimed Hindustani vocalist

For bulk orders/offers reach us through the contact page!

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