Winning kids hearts

SwarSketches is a unique series, where the kids get to see/hear music in a way they can relate to, and slowly step into recognizing the notes. My daughter stepped foot into this and absolutely enjoyed the session. She was able to relate to the concept! Miles to go, but this first step is encouraging and engaging kids well 🙂 Congrats Madhumita Bhaskar for winning kids hearts with this series.

Sharanya S

Cant wait for the next session

What a wonderful and innovative way to learn music! Niyati loved being a part of it and can’t wait for the next session already. 🙂

Varsha S

Very creative and innovative

Madhumita is wonderful with kids and has a very creative and innovative way of teaching music. The sessions are so engaging and my child just loves them (and I loved them just as much). Looking forward to attending more such sessions. Keep up the great work! ♥️

Pooja D

Out of the box

Madhu is very creative and engages the kids extremely well, introducing a new concept to elevate the pitch was really out of box thinking, my 5 year old daughter enjoyed it and definitely wants to attend more.
Very modern and interesting approach to learn basics 👍

Megha R

Awesome session!

Awesome session and my daughter loved it.. She is very happy.. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and interactive session. The content was also super.


An enjoyable hour

What an enjoyable hour with Madhumita Bhaskar! My kid was lost in the story and she was beautifully brought to the basic elements of music. Innovative ways of introducing music to young ones! Way to go ShrotaHouse They all sang and screamed together. Absolute fun! I enjoyed it listening to it too.

Sharanya S

Pique your child’s musical curiosity

My 5 yo absolutely enjoyed the session. What a unique way to not only introduce music to kids but also teach them to appreciate and enjoy it!! Madhumita made it so interactive that the kids (and the parents too!!) were engaged right from the beginning. If you are looking for innovative avenues to pique your child’s musical curiosity, look no further. I highly recommend the products and offerings from Shrota House. A big shoutout to its founder, Madhumita for this initiative.

Varsha S

They enjoyed and learned!

“A big applause and thank you ShrotaHouse for such a wonderful session. It was fun filled evening for kids. They learned basics about music by listening to story. They enjoyed and learned..”

RItu S

A great concept!

Yesterday’s session was too good really unique way to put forth music in minds of kiddos. Really a great concept 👍👍👌👌👏👏

Rashmi Karthik

My kid enjoyed it!

My kid enjoyed it and started practicing the notes that were taught for the famous rhymes on her keyboard. She was able to relate the Carnatic notes to the rhymes and understand eventually what “notes” mean. She loved the story as well.

Krithika S

Absolute delight!!

The session was an absolute delight!!

Mythreyi S

What else can parents ask for!

A wonderful way to captivate children’s interest in music through sketches and stories. What else can parents ask for!
Thank you Madhumita, we look forward to every session 🙂
Priyanka N

A treat!

Madhumita has a wonderful way with kids and her creative storytelling keeps them involved throughout the session. She draws images and seamlessly connects these with musical notes, making the children understand music through fun-filled interaction. A treat as much for parents as for children. 👍

Saroja. G
Vellore, India
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