Concert Express

Unique gatherings where Indian Classical Music acts as a medium to emote and express – For cozy groups of people who wish to art together!

A first of its kind experience where you seamlessly experience Indian classical music while expressing through YOUR favorite artistic mediums! Kids, students, home makers or busy professionals, here is a beautiful way to benefit from Indian classical music without worrying about enrolling into music classes!


  • Guided Indian classical music listening
  • Kids & family friendly
  • NO prior musical exposure required
  • Enroll in as many thematic series as you like!
  • Safe space to musically bond with others
  • Safe space to connect with yourself
  • Active & passive musical learning
  • De-stress & energize
  • Build long term listening habits
  • Develop patience, consistency & focus
  • Expand your listening span and repertoire
  • Express through your favorite artistic mediums
  • Experience values, cultures and art
  • Imbibe lasting love for Indian art music
    … and more!

Pick as many hosts/themes and just register!

Abolee Gatne



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