Q. Is ShrotaHouse a music school?
A. It is not the traditional music school. ShrotaHouse focuses on activities to gain musical knowledge and develop music appreciation and listening skills. It is as (and more) listener-oriented as being performance-oriented and is open to young children and adults!

Q. How to I enroll with ShrotaHouse?
A. It is very simple! Click here to enroll with us! That way you qualify to participate in our activities- workshops, events and get notified too!
(You can also find the same on our homepage – ‘Subscribe to ShrotaHouse’ button)

Q. What are the activities that are currently going on at ShrotaHouse?
A. Choose ‘Events’ menu for the list of events and corresponding registration details!

Q. What’s the motivation behind forming ShrotaHouse?
A. Our motivation is twofold:
a) To build a knowledgeable audience-base for Indian classical music
b) To expose children to the wonderful Indian classical music on a regular basis, without any performance pressure or talent requisites, and improve their overall listening and learning skills through music.

Q. Where is ShrotaHouse based out of?
A. Bangalore, India

Q.  What age group of people is ShrotaHouse looking to work for?
A. We work with children aged 2-10 yrs old as well as adults, as we believe it’s never too early and never too late to build ears for good music!

Q. Does ShrotaHouse offer recording/performance facilities?
A. No

Q. Does ShrotaHouse offer coaching for music exams?
A. No, our approach is not exam based. We work towards gradually inculcating interest in Indian music amongst people, including young children, through our programs and resources. We believe in a slow and steady process, and alongside tap good talent and open up best learning experiences and opportunities to them.

Q. Do I need to be trained in Indian classical music to join ShrotaHouse?
A. No! You just need curiosity and love for exploring more of your intellectual and emotional selves, and definitely Indian music to join our unique group!

Q. Does ShrotaHouse focus only on Indian classical music?
A. Yes, ShrotaHouse focuses on exposing the many dimensions of Indian music and specifically Indian classical music to today’s globalized generation, with an intention to keep the spirit of the amazing artform thriving, and there is a lot to explore here!

Q. Do you cover Hindustani or Carnatic music?
A. ShrotaHouse activities consider both Carnatic and Hindustani forms of Indian classical music, although we are focusing on Hindustani music as of today.

Q. Why have I not heard back from ShrotaHouse regarding my query?
A. We typically respond to queries immediately or definitely within 24hrs. In case you have not heard from us, it only means that we have unfortunately not received your email/query in our inbox. Not to worry, resend your queries through the form here or send a message through FB chat and we will be happy to help you 🙂


Q. Does ShrotaHouse have programs for adults?
A. Yes!

Q. I am 40+ and have never gotten interested in Indian classical music thus
far. Does ShrotaHouse have anything for me?
A. Totally, in fact a lot! For us your age or musical background does not matter; just love for musical exploration does!

Q. I love Indian classical music! How do I contribute to ShrotaHouse?
A. So wonderful! Please write to us here and let’s discuss how your strengths can be put to best use.

Q. I am not at all into Indian classical music, however want to help with ShrotaHouse activities. Can I?
A. Absolutely! You can contribute in various ways and join our journey. Please write to us here right away! Can’t wait to speak to you!

Q. Is ShrotaHouse only for groups or do you have offerings for individuals?
A. We definitely work at an individual level as well, and this in fact is one of our


Q. My child already goes to music classes (online/offline). What can ShrotaHouse offer her?
A. First of all, you are an amazing parent with an amazing child! We offer your child added musical perspectives through our activities to enhance their ongoing musical journey! We encourage peer learning too. Regular music has an impact on your child’s overall development. You shall see your child apply their learnings from ShrotaHouse, to different areas of life!

Q. Do you offer crash courses for kids on music?
A. No. We help children and parents understand the value of consistent exposure to music starting as early in life as possible, and our focus is Indian classical music. ShrotaHouse is one place that does Not encourage short-term courses promising instant results. We believe in patience and consistency

Q. Do you offer any music certifications?
A. None at the moment. However if the child joins us early enough, through our activities we tap good talent and guide them to best platforms and opportunities accordingly.

Q. My child is not musically inclined, does ShrotaHouse offer anything for him?
A. Absolutely! ShrotaHouse focuses on guided listening irrespective of the child’s talents, where children not only seamlessly grasp a lot of musical content but also develop other facets of their personality. All children need is a conducive environment to begin loving our music 🙂

Q. What musical activities does ShrotaHouse offer children?
A. Our outdoor and indoor activities are unique and naturally make them fall in love with Indian classical music. More details shall be made available soon. *Activities shall start post the pandemic related restrictions*

Q. Do you also teach Bollywood music for kids?
A. No. Our aim is to expose children to Indian musical genres (especially Indian classical music) that are traditional, deeply interesting and engaging for children.

Q. Neither of us parents are musically inclined! How do we proceed with our child’s musical development?
A. You are at the right place! ShrotaHouse gives musical exposure and lots of fun to your child, and perhaps get your musical senses tingling too 🙂

Q. Do you offer workshops for parents in music?
A. Yes, we do! We promote the idea of becoming a musical family!

Q. Does music listening help my toddler?
A. Yes, very much!

Q. How do I make my toddler listen to music?
A. You can have select soothing and simple music (e.g., instrumental pieces) played regularly to them, in the background while they engage in their usual  activities! Exclusive music listening comes later and naturally.

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