Teacher’s Day 2021

“Emotional. Thankful. Joyful. ❤ My first Teacher’s day ever as a teacher. This is so original. So pure. So lovely. NoContinue reading “Teacher’s Day 2021”

Madhumita interviewed by Dhairyam Magazine!

On Wed, 28th July 2021, ShrotaHouse founder Madhumita Bhaskar was interviewed by Ms. Suchitra Hegde of Dhairyam Magazine. It was anContinue reading “Madhumita interviewed by Dhairyam Magazine!”

Gurupurnima 2021: An evening to remember

Author: Chitra Devaraj “The Art of Teaching is the Art of Assisting Discovery” -Mark Van Doren Do we really need a Continue reading “Gurupurnima 2021: An evening to remember”

Family Hour at ShrotaHouse!

Author: Chitra Devaraj We at ShrotaHouse take our learning and fun seriously. July 3rd, 7:30 PM, a google hangout in someContinue reading “Family Hour at ShrotaHouse!”

Own your voice and you can own your place in the world

Author: Chitra Devaraj A night before my interview, I felt quite forlorn, thinking “when was the last time I did meaningfulContinue reading “Own your voice and you can own your place in the world”


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