Express with Nandini!

Host: Nandini Pathak

Student of Rabindra Bharati University

“Raga Parichay”

This listening group shall focus on
basic exploration of Ragas in Hindustani Sangeet

Listening Group Details

Genre: Hindustani Sangeet
Group Type: Janya Buddy (Kids 8-12 yrs)
Audience: India
Session Language: Hindi
Pass Validity: 4 months
Slot: Every Friday, 4-5 PM IST

Starts soon!


My name is Nandini Pathak and I am a Music Teacher spreading love through the art of music!

I enjoy using my skills to contribute to the vast melodious art of Hindustani Classical Music. A believer, a calm and optimistic person. My personality enables a relaxed and easy learning atmosphere. To me learning is fun and interesting and it never gets boring while staying focused on the task at hand.

I have a soft spot for tea and also strive to keep the earth a greener place. My love for painting folk arts (Madhubani, Warli, etc.) is one of the most relaxing things that keeps me calm in every situation. Here to create a better world for our future generations.

Meet me at Concert Express!

It was a very calming and peaceful experience

Arushi Bhorkar

“You guys are doing best.. after listing to it, I felt very very refreshing

Jayashree Kabra

Amazing!!! Keep going ShrotaHouse!

Krutika Ganesh Mahashabde

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