Featured in Deccan Herald March 2023!

On 31 March 2023, ShrotaHouse’s was featured in Deccan Herald (Metrolife) recognizing its successfully ongoing program called Musical Book Tour that was launched by world renowned Sitar player Vid. Anupama Bhagwat LINK TO FULL ARTICLE ONLINE ShrotaHouse Musical Book Tour is a very successful innovative initiative conceptualized by cofounder Madhumita Bhaskar. Our team is delightedContinue reading “Featured in Deccan Herald March 2023!”

Little Khayal Series featured in TV9 Kannada!

Read the full article here: https://tv9kannada.com/literature-culture/little-khayal-youtube-series-for-children-from-shrota-house-skvd-346336.html Watch all episodes of Little Khayal Series Season 02!

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