Getting inspired is priceless treasure

Thanks a million Smt.Madhumita from ShrotaHouse for giving this precious opportunity to Jagannath to converse with Vidwan Sriman Sikkil Gurucharan ji. To be able to converse like this as a child with a Vidwan (stalwart) and getting inspired is priceless treasure.
With ShrotaHouse, Smt. Madhumita made it possible and made the whole conversation into beautiful video(episode) with very cute and beautiful drawings- Jagannath, Gurucharan ji and butterflies 🙂 were portrayed super lovely in the drawings. I was awestruck by Sriman Gurucharan ji’s elegant, eloquent, encouraging and patient answers to little Jagannath. Madhumita talked to Jagannath few days before the interview and inspired him with variety of ideas for the interview. Jagannath enjoyed talking with Madhumita so much. As she became a small kid while speaking to him. 🙂

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