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Author: Chitra Devaraj

A student of ShrotaHouse, practicing music

A night before my interview, I felt quite forlorn, thinking “when was the last time I did meaningful and soul satisfying work?” To pep myself up, I decided to listen to the famous self-help audio book – Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life.

The next evening, as I hung up after finishing my interview call with Madhumita, founder of ShrotaHouse, there was this familiar feeling that crept up that I hadn’t felt in a long time – a feeling of hope.

Hope that life can lead me to experiences that brings a huge grin on my face, and the ones where I can give permission to be my authentic self. Hope that I can still find something that I love to do, wake up exited to go to work, be good it, help the world a become a better place and even get paid for it!

There is hope I can find my ikigai after all.

It is rather unnerving that we are not only be plagued by a pandemic caused by a deadly virus, but what seems like a forever pandemic – toxic workplace cultures. The one where at times our very real voice seems curbed. Let alone the ability to feel joy at work, one can barely get through a day without the fear of failure. Is the second kind of pandemic ever going to end? I wondered.

I needed to feel this “sunshiney feeling” in my gut before I went completely numb. For an otherwise bubbly person, that long prevailing gloom had to be replaced by something colorful, and it came in the form of an interview! A line from a movie popped up in my mind “Let life catch up to you, you might just be surprised!”

Finally, after acknowledged my happy spirit that has been conjured up, I started to research about ShrotaHouse and the impact of the programs on the young minds. The first thing I delved into was to understand how music education plays an important role in the early childhood education.
1) It sharpens cognitive skills like attentiveness & reasoning abilities in children.
2) It enhances the creativity aspect in a child and lays the foundation for the creative thinking, which is one of the important 21st century skills.
3) Improves listening skills which in turn plays a crucial role character development and
developing qualities like leadership and empathy.
4) Music is said to engage and activate both sides of the brain, hereby helping the child to
understand how to simultaneously do tasks i.e. multi-tasking
5) Music helps in recognizing patterns through the rhythm and scales which in turn helps the child to become better at calculations! (like mathematics and algebra)
6) Reading, literacy and communication skills are also said to be strengthened by music.
7) Music is therapy – and we all need to feel joy from within!

Once I really understood these above points the question of “Why a child must learn music as part of the early childhood education?” is almost a no brainer question to me.

In fact, music in education is of paramount importance and more parents/teachers should be made aware of this fact. Every child must be provided with an opportunity and access to music at a young age to help shape them into resilient and skilled human beings. After all, the world needs more of such individuals to make it a better place.

And WE NEED IT TO BE A BETTER PLACE. Now, more than ever.

Now speaking of a favorite thing about ShrotaHouse, The Little Khayal series is absolutely thought provoking and adorable! It provides a platform for child to converse with an adult, ask questions and discuss about music! Admission In colleges/their future workforce requires one to be adaptable and have strong communication skills. I strongly believe that these amazing conversations develop the important 21st century skills at a very young age. And they learn the habit of truly listening too!

Listen to the conversations of the Little Khayal Series here

It has been a week that I have been part of the ShrotaHouse Family, and it has been incredible!

I have had the opportunity to ideate, research, write, manage projects and much more. My mind is often filled to the brim with creativity, as we are honed to always think outside the box, by our founder, Madhumita. The team is so friendly and the vibe is so colorful and energetic – because that’s what we aspire ShrotaHouse to be – A Happy Place!

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