Family Hour at ShrotaHouse!

Author: Chitra Devaraj

We at ShrotaHouse take our learning and fun seriously. July 3rd, 7:30 PM, a google hangout in some corner of the world. Many tiny humans popped up on the camera with broad grinning faces.  Accompanying them were the parents who were equally enthusiastic as their kids, to join the “virtual party” 

While amidst a pandemic, it was indeed an incredibly refreshing time for all of us who participated! We played online games, sang songs, celebrated victories and had heart to heart conversations.

 Below is a glimpse of the fun event that was “ShrotaHouse Family Hour”!

ShrotaHouse Family Hour July 2021

Everyone were vibrant, happy and excited to be part of the online gathering.  We indeed have come a long way since we started in Nov 2020.  And what better way than celebrating it with the ShrotaHouse Family! 

 We celebrated  our 8th month birthday this month! Some key highlights that were shared in the gathering are:  

  • We are growing team of musicians, performers, educators, administrators and music aficionados with a passion for classical music forms
  • A growing family of 95+ members!
  • 90+ fun-filled unique sessions conducted in just 5 months!!

We also had ShrotaHouse Awards : Star Member Award for  June – Ms. Richie. Her family’s interest and efforts to introduce Indian classical music to their 5 year old was celebrated!

Now, if you are wondering why do we emphasize so much on having fun?

1) The world has enough seriousness already: Our journey started during the global pandemic, and each one of us have been affected by it in ways one cannot imagine. We decided that we want to spread joy, even in the tiniest way possible. We decided to add some colors and sunshine in people’s lives, even if it means just for an hour in a day.

So we plan meticulously to create fun experiences like the Family Hour, so that the kids are delighted and so are their parents!

2) Creating a safe space: We as humans often crave safe spaces.  We thrive when we are provided safe learning environments or just a safe space to share our thoughts. This is what we are and aspire to be  every single day – a safe space for kids to share their creativity. 

The one filled with a lot of fun which makes it easy for them to embrace, learn and grow.

3) Fun in learning: Who said learning music has to be serious? Or any kind of learning for that matter. Studies have shown that having a fun learning environment leads to greater motivation in kids; they look forward to the class. Additionally it also promotes peer collaboration and sparks up their creativity! 

We are here to spread the love for Indian classical music  among little children of the world!

If you think you’ve missed out, don’t worry. We have the family hour on the first Saturday of every month! 

However, it is for members only, becoming one is easy and FREE!

Click here to become a member today!

For any questions you may have  about
how you and your kid can join the ShrotaHouse Family write to us!!

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