ShrotaHouse Among Top 3 Startups in The GAIN Accelerator, Karnataka

ShrotaHouse was one of the top 18 startups across Karnataka, chosen by The GAIN accelerator, which is supported by Startup Karanataka and K-Tech. Read on to learn about the program journey!

Women-owned businesses are in minority in India. The hurdles faced by women who have embraced entrepreneurship are vast and often different from those experienced by their male counterparts. A survey says that in India around 42% of the women in tech feel that their voices and contributions to tech are unappreciated in the workplace which is twice the global average. India stood 52nd rank among 58 countries for providing a congenial environment for women entrepreneurs (Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs, 2019). Karnataka has always been a supporting ecosystem that has facilitated the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship. Promoting women entrepreneurship is one of the priority areas of GoK.” – The GAIN Program

ShrotaHouse was chosen among the top startups at this 6 month long program. It was the ONLY startup in the music/art domain among others in Healthcare, Renewable energy and other startups.

After a successful completion of the program, in the month of March 2023, ShrotaHouse stood among the top 3 startups to be awarded grant supported by Startup Karnataka and K-Tech.

ShrotaHouse cofounder Madhumita Bhaskar receiving the award from Mr. Varadrajan, Chairman, The GAIN program

ShrotaHouse is on a mission to take Indian Classical music to children across the world and with this milestone, our ideas and roadmap ahead gets a huge validation and support.

The winners along with the Demo Day Jury.

We dedicate this milestone achievement, to our lovely ShrotaHouse family of musicians and families who have been instrumental in making this happen.

Cofounders Madhumita Bhaskar and Dr. Karthik Ramachandra

Thank you and stay tuned for lot of exciting things from us, coming your way!

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