Little Vedant Makes Music

By Kanika Agarwal,
Data Scientist & ShrotaHouse Parent

Recently, my son Vedant had a memorable experience at the park. As we were walking around, he picked up some sticks and started tapping them together, creating a rhythm. As he played, he started singing swars of “Om Namah Shivay” that Miss Madhumita had taught him in a recent class. His voice was sweet and clear, and it was obvious that he was really enjoying himself. He sang the song several times, getting more confident with each repetition.

Little Vedant in a park

“The best gift for me at ShrotaHouse, is to hear about a toddler organically developing an interest in Indian classical Music (ICM)! We congratulate this super mom of a 4-year-old boy Vedant, for being a role model and showing us how modern-day working parents with no musical background can and should take up the pricelesss ICM journey for their children! This is one of the best examples of pure commitment and love! ShrotaHouse stands for this very spirit. Thank you dear Kanika.”
– Madhumita Bhaskar, Cofounder ShrotaHouse

It was amazing to see Vedant’s musical talent on display. We couldn’t believe how creative and natural he was with the sticks, making music that was both rhythmic and melodic. Even more impressive was his ability to remember and sing the swars he had been taught.

Watching Vedant create music in the park was a truly special moment. It was a reminder that music can be found anywhere and that everyone has the ability to make it, regardless of their age or skill level. We are so thankful to ShrotaHouse for giving our little kids opportunity to learn from the best and above all truly enjoy the Indian classical music.

ShrotaHouse brings to you the best of little children!

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