Superdads of ShrotaHouse

By Lavpreet Kaur A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love- father. The power of a dad in a child’s life is unmatched. He might not tell how much he loves his child, he shows it. And we, at ShrotaHouse, take pride in celebrating such fathers, who have not only been there for their childrenContinue reading “Superdads of ShrotaHouse”

Interview @ Seedhi Baat

“Indian Art Tradition vs Modern Demands” is the buzzing topic amongst lovers of Indian classical arts today. We bring back to you, an exclusive and candid discussion that happened in 2022, in the form of this blog! Listen to the two-part candid interview by young students with ShrotaHouse Founder Madhumita Bhaskar, about bringing back theContinue reading “Interview @ Seedhi Baat”

PM of India Appeals To Citizens To “Take Indian Music To The World”

“Indian music has the capacity to revolutionise the depth of the human mind. It also strengthens the experience of the oneness of nature and the divine” 

Know your String Instruments : The Tantu Vadhya Campaign

ShrotaHouse launched an Instagram campaign in September 2021 #TantuVadya – Read on!

Thought Pill

A recent happening at Tansen Samaroh 2020 was disturbing. You can read about it here How should musicians react when politicians disrupt concerts? How do you feel? If it makes less of a difference to you, that hurts the spirit of music and more so Indian classical music. And this is what ShrotaHouse shall help change.

Thought Pill

India has a rich musical history and yet, early music exposure is yet to get its due value and importance in our country. We spend most of our lives dealing with work and performance pressures, yearning for instant rewards and constantly feeding ourselves shallow entertainment and ephemeral addictions to get past the fears and anxietyContinue reading “Thought Pill”

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